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For more than 95 years, Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida has been serving our poor and vulnerable neighbors in 18 counties across the Florida Panhandle. Because of the support of our donors, last year Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida was able to provide $1,244,612 in critical assistance to help our neighbors who were most in need.

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Stories of Hope
Below are Stories of Hope shared by individuals who received assistance through one of our programs or services. Now, more than ever, individuals and families in crisis need assistance, your donations assist us in continuing our mission to "provide help, create hope, and serve all."

Many of our neighbors don't have a place to call home. (1242 × 1041 px)

Food Assistance
A mother of seven came to one of our rural Caring Coach locations. Her husband was injured on the job and unable to work. In addition to her seven children, she also takes care of a grandparent. The mother is the sole income provider for the family and is unable to provide food for the family. When she shared her personal story and struggles with our staff, our staff were able to not only provide her with food, they were able to identify additional resources to help her meet the needs of her family.

Financial Assistance

A single mother with three young children was having financial difficulties due to a medical illness and came to Catholic Charities for assistance. She had to take time off due to an unexpected surgery and was unable to return to work for a significant amount of time. Her short-term disability had ended, and she was having difficulty paying her rent and utilities. We were able to provide her services and financial assistance to help her in her time of need. These services and assistance helped her with past due rent and utility bills, allowing her family to remain in their home and avoiding the disconnection of her utilities.

Many of our neighbors don't have a place to call home. (1242 × 1041 px) (3)
Many of our neighbors don't have a place to call home. (1242 × 1041 px) (2)

Financial Assistance

A couple and their three children were referred to Catholic Charities for assistance by a local shelter after they became homeless. After months of couch surfing and sleeping wherever they could, both parents decided that it would be best for the kids if they stayed with family members temporarily while they looked for employment and housing.

The personal and financial barriers that initially caused them to be homeless made it challenging to secure a home for them. We fortunately were able to help them secure a home for their family, pay their security deposit, first month’s rent, and utility deposit. We were also able to help them set up their home with furniture, cleaning supplies and other household items.