Adoption Services
Since 1952, we have been active in the adoption community. We are a licensed child-placing agency with an experienced, professional staff that values you and your needs.

Holiday Assistance
An outreach program offered to families within the Catholic Charities service area who are in need of some Christmas Spirit to brighten their holiday season.

Emergency Assistance
Catholic Charities helps individuals and families across Northwest Florida in emergencies with basic needs such as financial, food, prescription, housing, and utilities.

Food Assistance
Helping individuals and families who are struggling with food insecurity to make ends meet. Provided through our local food pantries and local offices.

Pregnancy Services
Pregnant and unplanned? We are here to help. Our trained and experienced staff is committed to providing considerate, personal, and confidential assistance.

Immigration Services
Providing a variety of low-cost, quality services to assist qualified immigrants and refugees seeking liberty with a legal route to citizenship. 

Project Rachel
A post-abortion healing ministry that offers compassionate help to those who have experienced emotional and/or spiritual pain after abortion.

St. Barnabas House
A three to six month transitional living/work program that has been serving individuals and families in the Panama City area for more than 25 years.

Matthew’s Nursery
An outreach for the tiniest of the vulnerable population. Providing newborns and babies, up to one year of age, with items to keep them clean, comfortable, and safe.

Refugee Services
Serving individuals experiencing problems seeking admission into the country, permanent residence, family reunification, and more while temporarily in the US.