Your Options

Working through an unplanned pregnancy begins with knowing your options and finding professional support as you face many difficult decisions. Catholic Charities offers direct assistance, healing, and reconciliation to those facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Catholic Charities advocates for the highest quality of life possible. We will help you examine your options in an honest and realistic manner.

We assure that your decisions have been arrived at without coercion from any outside force by giving you valid alternatives including parenting, adoptive placement, and foster care.

As Catholic agencies, we are dedicated to affirm, protect, and respect life and do not acknowledge abortion to be a valid alternative to an unplanned pregnancy. Catholic Charities agencies do not offer direct referral services to those who choose abortion.


Who is eligible?

Families and individuals of any race, religion, or national origin who reside in any of the eighteen counties of Northwest Florida


What are the fees for services?
They are FREE! There are no fees for women exploring adoption.


Making a Decision

The sooner you seek counseling, the better prepared you will be to make a decision when your baby arrives. Talking to a professional counselor can help you:

  • Understand and work through your emotions.
  • Get reliable information about pregnancy and giving birth.
  • Deal with feelings and issues surrounding the baby’s father.
  • Cope with problems involving parents and other family members.
  • Get the facts and information necessary to make a decision about the future for you and your baby.

Services for Expectant Parents

  • Pregnancy counseling helps expectant parents resolve their immediate physical, environmental, and emotional needs and challenges. Counseling enables expectant parents to make decisions with regard to their own and their child’s future. Counseling is also available for extended family members.
  • Prenatal and Parenting Education assists expectant parents as they prepare for the birth of their child and can provide additional supports to those who have chosen to parent their child.
  • Labor and delivery counseling helps expectant mothers prepare for her time in the hospital to help ensure the she has a positive experience.
  • Follow-up services and counseling assist expectant parents with implementing the decisions they have made.
  • Post-placement counseling services are offered to help expectant parents who make an adoption plan with the feelings of loss and grief and to help them achieve their goals and develop their full potential.
  • Information and referral services guide expectant parents to the appropriate community resources to meet immediate and long-term goals.


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