Emergency Assistance

 A visit for emergency assistance, at any of our four regional offices is often the first contact clients have with Catholic Charities. 

Catholic Charities helps in emergencies with such basic needs as financial, food, prescription, housing and utilities. The staff is acutely aware of services provided within the agency and the community at large, and knowledgeable about researching new resources that can benefit those in need.

The target population is families in crisis who reside in the geographical area of the diocese of Pensacola/Tallahassee. Caseworkers will normally prioritize and assist potential clients according to need, and  family situation; families with children, expectant mothers, homeless, and individuals lacking immediate necessities are all priorities.
Pope Francis Quote-001Catholic Charities attempts to assist all applicants with the emergency situation they face and by providing financial counseling and referrals to other resources as appropriate. Catholic Charities does not have income eligibility restrictions.
Many families are facing multiple problems. Although one problem may be presented, generally financial in nature, the staff member must be able to assess other possible needs and problems of the family. Appointments are also assessed by the intake staff and referred to the appropriate caseworker or community resource.

Information needed to apply:

  • Most recent fuel bill
  • Date of birth for all household members
  • Proof of disability or medical emergency if applicant is under age 60
  • Social Security numbers for all household members
  • All income for all household members
  • Receipts of any and all payments made in the last 30 daysMother Teresa quote


If you are facing an emergency financial situation and need our help, please call the regional office where you reside:

Pensacola: 850-436-6425

Ft. Walton Beach: 850-244-2825

Panama City: 850-763-0475

Tallahassee: 850-222-2180