Domestic Adoptions

Domestic adoption is an adoption that involves adoptive parents and a child that are citizens and residents of the United States.

Our adoption programs focus on finding qualified adoptive parents for children who need families from birth to two years of age. Our agency does not discriminate against any child in need of adoptive placement. If a child has a known disability, we will recruit appropriate families through our Catholic Charities USA adoption providers and other state licensed agencies. The adoptive family’s ability, preparedness and acceptance of a special needs placement will be assessed during the home study.

Domestic Infant Adoptions

For prospective adoptive parents Catholic Charities provides:

  • Clearly stated requirements for prospective applicants including marital status, religious affiliation, acceptable health/mental health factors, income guidelines, alcohol and substance abuse policies, criminal history and child abuse clearance requirements
  • Orientation and adoptive parent education that is an integral part of the program. This helps prepare the adoptive parent for the lifelong issues involved in adoption, educates adoptive parents regarding the different types of adoption offered, prepares the adoptive parent for sharing the child’s adoption information is an age appropriate, developmental way, educates adoptive parents regarding the reason expectant parents choose adoption and the loss they experience, provides adoptive parents with the state specific laws regarding relinquishments- paternal rights-post placement agreements.
  • Home study assessments that are conducted in a open honest manner with the prospective adoptive applicants actively involved in the process
  • On-going support during the waiting period
  • Placement services ( referral, discussion of acceptance, meetings with the expectant parents, placement of the infant)
  • Post placement supervision until Finalization
  • Post adoption services or referrals