Executive Director’s Message


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Our New Website Represents A Giant Step In The Right Direction Toward Better Serving You!

Rolling out a new web-site is a milestone for any organization and we are pleased for you to see that Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida is now stepping into the elite category of leading edge non-profits. A web-site is the single most important communication tool for organizations. We are excited to introduce you to this new site which launches us into a new phase of passionate and professional service, empowerment and advocacy on behalf of vulnerable families and individuals of any race, religion or national origin.

 What is great about Catholic Charities is that we touch so many lives, in so many varied ways and in so many diverse and unique communities across Northwest Florida from Escambia County on the Alabama border to Tallahassee and Taylor County in the Big Bend. All of our supporters, staff, volunteers and donors have one or more particular passions: the hungry, the homeless, those facing economic crisis, those struggling in poverty, refugees, immigrants, adoptive couples, birth moms, students in college struggling to be academically and professionally successful, veterans, couples and parents facing major debilitating mental health challenges and middle class families who never before had to ask for help.

All of these causes, so critical to the stability and vitality of our communities, are addressed each day, by our well trained and qualified staff. While some have no contact directly with our families and individuals seeking help, they passionately support those who do and they care so much about this agency that they do everything in their power to build the capacity of the agency to serve. For this support, we are eternally grateful.

If you are currently feeling vulnerable in any way and need to access our services, we hope this web-site makes us more informative and accessible. Sadly, the demand is so great for our services, especially emergency financial and food assistance that our regional offices often serve as “first call for help” lines and emergency rooms. With improvement in technology and upgrades in our offices, we hope to provide more accessibility to our clients.

 What this new web-site offers Catholic Charities in particular is an ability to highlight the unique culture and services at each regional office, while simultaneously portraying an ever expanding, coordinated and unified service delivery system that provides the highest quality of service and professionalism regardless of which regional office you seek or support.  Throughout history, both ancient and current, individuals and organizations are measured by how well they treat and serve the most vulnerable among us. We are confident that God has his hands on this ministry and on each of us personally.  Into His hands we commend our souls and we do so with love of God and neighbor.