Today’s youth, adults and families face different challenges in life than a decade ago or even two decades ago.

The ever-changing dynamics of family, career and life skills mean that the support systems need to develop to address these dynamics. Catholic Charities counseling services offer understanding and support to clients of all ages and backgrounds struggling with any number of hardships. The primary purpose of the Counseling Program is to provide a timely response to families, children and elderly individuals who are seeking short-term professional help within the Northwest Florida area.

Some problems in life are too difficult to handle alone. When problems like tensions in a marriage, the loss of a loved one, behavioral issues with a teenager, depression, anxiety or daily issues overwhelm your life – it’s good to know you don’t have to walk that road alone. Counseling helps people to understand their personal needs, focus on the cause of their problems and determine ways to resolve or cope with those problems.

Catholic Charities’ Behavioral Health/Counseling Services provide accessible, culturally competent, high quality mental health services for individuals, families, children and couples.  Catholic Charities’ therapists also provide counseling for older adults and individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities.

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Clients Served:  Adults, children and families who suffer from emotional distress.

Fees for Services:  The agency recognizes the added challenges of people living in poverty and accepts patients who do not have any means to pay, as well as those with limited resources, on a sliding fee scale adjusted to an individual’s or family’s size and financial situation

We offer confidential counseling services to individuals, groups, families and children in the context of the Catholic tradition. These individuals are provided opportunities for therapeutic change and growth in an atmosphere of acceptance and caring. Catholic Charities also provides educational programs, consultation and referrals to resources within our organization as well as to community resources.

Confidentiality is a priority and is required by law.  Mandatory reporting is required by law in certain situations such as child abuse and risk of hurting self or others.