Become an Ally

18 ALLIES NEEDED to work with 6 Circle Leaders in 2014!

The Circles® ALLY has three primary goals

  1. Build an intentional relationship with a family living in poverty (Circle Leader) and support them on their journey to have enough money, meaning and friends.
  2. Increase awareness of one’s own stereotypes and class rules and be willing to face these
  3. Use the experience of friendship with an under-resourced family to advocate within the community for changes in the system barriers that keep poverty in place

Matched Circle®:
2-3 allies engaged with one low-income family focused on accomplishing goals and building relationships.   This is a good option if allies want to have a significant relationship with one low-income family that is focused on building relationships and being transformed.

Commitment of an ALLY:

  1.  After the Circles match is made, allies are asked to participate in the 1st and 3rd Weekly Community Meetings to work with Circle Leader, Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7:30 pm at Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Ave Maria Hall, 1212 E Moreno St, Pensacola, FL.
  2. Commit 4 hours per month for as long as the relationship develops with Circle Leader
  3. Optional attendance for other Weekly Community Meetings: 2nd Tuesday alternates between Guest Speaker and  Big View meetings, 4th Tuesday is the Ally Support Meeting.
  4. Phone, Email and in-person contact with your Circle Leader throughout the month
  5. Allies are asked to not contribute financially to their Circle Leader

Support ALLIES  Receive

  1. Required participation in one ALLY TRAINING SERIES including Bridges Out of Poverty, Mental Model Exercise, Goal Setting and ALLY 101 along with Circles Leaders before match.
  2. Regularly scheduled ALLY Support sessions and collaboration with other allies in the Circle; no one is left in isolation.
  3. Staff to answer questions, assist with resource development, provide mentoring, and assist with conflict resolution.
  4. An ALLY’s family is welcome to attend the Tuesday meetings and participate in the youth development activities.

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Monique Miles
Circles® Northwest Florida Community Organizer & Job Development
(850) 429-7296, ext. 2