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Circles® NWFL is different from other prosperity initiatives, because our well-trained team of professional staff and volunteers teach participants how to build financial, emotional, and social resources, while at the same time working with community leaders to encourage policies that uplift and support a family’s path to prosperity.


 Wrap-around Services include:

–Working with low income families to explore the resources necessary for self-sufficiency by offering a 2 week training called Choosing to Thrive
–Job Search Preparation and Leads
–Resume Writing and Interview Skills
–Supportive Career Coaching
–Holding Weekly Community Meetings
–Building and supporting intentional relationships
–Training community members from diverse backgrounds on the complex issues surrounding poverty



Circles® Northwest Florida is asking the community to accept a poverty challenge.  Poverty isn’t a game. It’s a reality for people in our own backyard.  Taking the poverty challenge means learning what it’s like to live in poverty through an hour long, in person simulation.


Here’s how it works:

  • Participants assume the role of a low-income family member living on a limited budget.
  • The one hour simulation is equated to living in poverty for one month.
  • Participants interact with volunteers playing the roles of bill collectors, school administrators, service providers and more – people they would interact with on a regular basis in daily life.

Participation in a poverty simulation increases knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of poverty and the work it takes to achieve self-sufficiency.

Accept the poverty challenge today!

For more information contact your local Circles Northwest Florida initiative:

Veronica Burnett, Adminstrative Assistant


Circles® Program Director – Pensacola – Panama City
Michele Johnston
Office:  (850) 502-2869

Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida has adopted the concepts and language of Bridges Out of Poverty and CIRCLES® to change mindsets about poverty and build a sustainable community.  A growing number of businesses, government, educators, faith‐based, non‐profit organizations, and the community at large have all become part of this prosperity initiative.

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